Our Talent Mapping service is a custom-made solution that involves recognizing and liaising with external talents to establish a high-quality candidate pool for upcoming or future hiring needs. It provides organizations with a tailored, confidential, and comprehensive market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool.

This incorporates a well-defined methodology assessing what available talent is suitable for your leadership roles in the current business environment.

Talent Mapping caters to clients who may be uncertain about finding the ideal person either when future roles will be open or when profiles are not fully defined.

Benefits of Talent Mapping

  • Enables organizations to stay ahead of hiring needs by identifying potential candidates before vacancies arise.
  • Facilitates long-term planning by maintaining a pipeline of qualified candidates, aligning talent with business objectives.
  • Streamlines recruitment efforts by focusing on pre-identified, high-potential candidates, reducing time and resources spent on sourcing when it comes to fill the position. 
  • Provides insights into market trends, compensation packages, and competitor strategies, empowering organizations to attract top talent.
  • Operates autonomously from recruitment obligations, allowing organizations to benefit from insights without future commitment to recruitment steps and fees. 
  • Helps mitigate risks associated with talent shortages or unforeseen vacancies by maintaining a pipeline of qualified candidates.

Let’s build a high-quality 
candidate pool together. 

We welcome the opportunity to understand and address your specific talent requirements.

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