We're committed to transparency and openness in every step of the way. Explore our unique 7-step executive search process, designed to deliver exceptional results for our clients.



  • client briefing and meeting with the key executives
  • preparation of the job description and set up the candidate profile
  • getting familiar with the company culture and values


Talent mapping

  • market mapping and identifying target organizations
  • talent mapping and identifying key executives




  • approaching and engaging candidates
  • interviewing and assessing candidates
  • evaluating interviewed candidates


Candidate introduction

  • presenting short list candidates
  • planning and set up client - candidate interviews


Interviews and selection

  • guiding clients through the selection process
  • offering expert advice for informed decisions


Hiring support

  • reference check 
  • advising on compensation package



  • monitoring the candidate’s integration
  • open feedback on the progress for both candidate and client 
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