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Our services

We hope that every company, irrespectively of the size, will find a service at us which suits best to its requirements.

We provide our clients additional services without charging any extra fee. The aim of our additional services is that our clients receive information not only on the status of recruitment but also to have a full picture of the market.

One of our additional services we provide is direct search. We recommend to use this method of search for finding experts for mid-management or executive positions, or for finding professionals who have some unique expertise on a special field. These experts are generally hard to reach, rarely apply for job advertisements, that is why it is more efficient to contact them directly.

We recommend to use recruitment and selection for those positions where advertising the position or using our own and our partners’ database can have a successful result. This method of search can be used for non-managerial positions, or where the position does not require that unique skill-set.

Among our additional services we provide salary surveys and posting of advertisements on our partners’ web pages.

Our fee and guarantee will be determined after personal discussion depending on the requirements of the position.