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Curriculum Vitae

The resume is a portrait of ourselves.

The first important introduction which is half the success during job seeking. This is why it is important to have the right content and format.

There are several resume formats but content is usually the same. Below we would like to draw your attention for a format which is accepted and used within the European Union.

Europass Curriculum Vitae

The Europass CV is a standard, flexible format, which follows the usual CV guidelines, but allows to supplement additional information. It has eight sections with sub-sections which can be deleted or supplemented:

  • Personal information
  • Desired employment/occupational field
  • Work experience
  • Education and training
  • Language
  • Personal skills and competencies
  • Additional information (for example: references)
  • Annexes

A well built CV could have some basic mistakes, which can hurt the quality of your CV. It is worth to pay attention to the following:

  • clearly indicate the applied position
  • avoid distortion and unreal statements
  • list education needed to fill the position
  • avoid compiling a lengthy CVs
  • avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

We would like to help you in compiling your CV with the Europass CV formats below (Hungarian, English, French and German). You can freely download and use these forms.

Hungarian Europass CV
English Europass CV
German Europass CV
French Europass CV